Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life

Dear children, my Spirit is upon you. I want to enrich your hearts such that you be ready to accept all the graces that I have in store for you. It is not true that these times are negative, but that the hearts of my children are closed to my will.

If you do not understand that you are the ones to decide if the times ought to be good or not as good, nothing will change. You will continue to walk in a dark forest, not seeing where to put your feet and, above all, not seeing the graces that you are losing, because you do not accept what I am offering you with all my love.

Children of my Cross, you appreciate the futile things that the world offers you, and you are no longer able to enjoy the good that surrounds you.

I am always with you, but do you hear, listen to me calling you back? So much noise, so much confusion: how can you continue in this way? Lift your eyes, otherwise you will see nothing but darkness.

I am the Light that illumines your path, but if you draw far every day from my will, you will remain blind, without hope.

Watch, children, how many sufferings you are facing only because you decide everything without consulting me in the least. You ask only to live well, or better, that that which you believe be well for you.

You know how to decide for useless things and you do not decide to change your ugly habits, in daily acts of disobedience to my commandments, in giving you children bad example, in not teaching the young true values, in not respecting and loving your elders, in not accepting the life that I, in my infinite love, put in your womb.

See, now I have sought to remind you of what is better for you. If you accept my advice, smiles will once again shine upon your faces and your hearts will be reborn in peace.

Give witness to what I am telling you; only in this way will you be able to change the course of your destiny.

I bless you. My Spirit be upon you now and always.

Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life