Mary Immaculate

My daughter, I come to you in order to inflame your hearts, but are you opening your hearts to listen to the Word of God?

You cannot continue to live in this way. There is no more place for Jesus in you. You are overburdened with the things of the world. We are suffering for each of you; where are you going?

Your churches are empty. There exist no more “faithful,” but people who go to Mass out of habit. Be more aware, recognize your errors, ask forgiveness for all your faults, opening your true heart to the Son of God.

When you pray, seek not to be distracted. Satan is working like never before in order that my children open wide the doors of their hearts to him, Lucifer, he who hates human beings, who are created by the hands of God.

Dear children, I address you: bear witness to the Word of God. There are no other books that speak of the truth of the Church. The Holy Gospel, written by my Apostles, is the true Word of God. Do not let yourselves be turned away by other mundane words.

Dear children, I recommend you to open the Gospel of John, Mark, Luke, and Matthew. Only thus will your witness become true. Bear witness that the Word of God is one.

You have come to speak to Me, Mary Most Holy, like any other woman, forgetting that I am the Mother of Jesus, Son of God. I still count on you, my dearest children. Do not disappoint me and I will lead you to my Son, Jesus. I bless you.

Mary Immaculate