Mary, Lady of the Wait

Yes, my dear children, keep praying with these words: Come, Lord Jesus. I am also with you; my Son is leaving me with you for yet a little while, otherwise, in these dark times, you would be lost at every step.

You know well that you are living through the last times on your planet, but this must not cause you sorrow or lament because the times that will be come to an end will leave open the way to our coming among you.

Dear children, I want and desire ardently that each of you occupy the place that belongs to you from the beginning. We will finally be able to pray and give thanks together. God the Father has had the goodness of covering you with his Spirit to protect you from the negativity of Satan.

My dear children, I love you so much and cannot wait for much longer to take all of you in a single embrace. I, who am the mother of all humanity, desire that my time become your time.

Jesus is about to complete his step. The heavens will open to complete their work, that which is to make us cross the last obstacle that divides us. Our embrace will change many shattered hearts will heal many wounds.

Be alert. That which surrounds you will no longer be distrust, suffering, bitterness, and sorrow, but each of you will be able to count on the loyalty of another, on joy, on the sweetness of every lip that parts only to praise, bless, render Hosanna to He who has given his life on that Cross.

Dear children, you will not have to wait for much longer, and so I tell you: Be ready. That for which you have been waiting for a long time will come to pass. Pray and offer sacrifices for your non-believing brethren.

I bless you and promise you peace, joy, love.

Mary, Lady of the Wait