Mary, Liberator

Dear children, what can I yet do for you? More than speak of and bear witness to my love for you? Dear children, wake up from this satanic slumber, otherwise you will be lost forever and hell will be your last dwelling.

I have spoken to you for so long, I have implored you, prayed with you, I have suggested to you words with which to pray to Jesus, but you have not listened to my words. Pay attention, because it could be truly too late for you.

All that you do is always and only for your poor world and you do not understand that you can only enjoy true life, only and totally when you will finally have reached the eternal dwelling.

Poor humanity, so far from the truth and the love of God! Convert, I tell you. Time is drawing to a close. Your world will have to face its end and for you, poor humans, sons of God, there will finally arrive eternal prize or punishment.

Wake up, I repeat to you. Pray, pray, pray. Only thus will you be able to face the difficult trials that the world will present to you without reduction.

I, your Mother, have always spoken to you with clarity. You can no longer say, “I did not understand.” You can only overcome the coming trials with the help of Jesus and Me. Wake up, it is no longer time for sleeping!

I am still with you, but seek to merit this last help of mine. I no longer know how to remind you of it. I bless you. Open your hearts, your minds, and above all the spiritual part of you. May Jesus be with you, now and forever.

Mary, Liberator