Your Most Beloved Mother

My such beloved children, I have gathered you here so that when your times have reached fulfillment you might bear witness that all my words, which I have given you, are truthful. My children, I am She who will crush the head of the ancient serpent and all will be fulfilled, in this way, in glory.

You must not be afraid of all that to your eyes appears negative because Jesus makes use of every means of coming even to the last of his children. You are my beloved ones. I know that I can still count on you and that, with no fear, you will carry out all that I will suggest to you.

Listen and, by means of my messages, speak to your brethren without taking or adding anything to my words. Jesus will still make use of Me. Like every Mother I can come to you, my children, certain that you will put my suggestions to good use.

Do not believe the negative things that they say. They serve only to put you in line. Jesus is He who will put in line every child of his, and then he will give to each according to his merits, eternal prize or pain.

Let this be clear: do not misunderstand me, because when you get down to the nitty-gritty you will not be able accuse anyone else of your errors. Pray, my dear children. I am here to listen to all your requests and to present them to the Holy Spirit of God.

I am She who will smash the head of the ancient serpent and he will be destroyed for eternity. Dear children, seek to merit the prize that leads to rejoicing, blessed eternity with us. I bless you and embrace you maternally.

Your Most Beloved Mother