The Mother of the Absolute Lord of All the Universe

My daughter, I know well that you are not in the best situation for receiving my message, but take courage and I will be brief. I cannot leave you without my word in the moment in which you need it most.

I am with you and will never leave you. I am your Sorrowful Mother and for this reason I have all the more need of your help. Continue to pray and you, my daughter, offer all your sufferings without asking for a reduction. You will have likewise merits in the terrible times that you are going to face.

You are a mother and, never before as in these moments of atrocious suffering even for you—you know well to what I am referring—can you help me bring to Jesus sorrows for his brethren.

Continue to offer your sufferings and Jesus will give your brethren moments of true repentance for their sins, in order to merit eternal Light and Peace.

A little while longer, my daughter, and all will come to a close like God will grant in his great and merciful pardon.

Pray, my daughter. The night is becoming darker every day but then there will rise for all obedient children the Sun of Life.

Be alert. Do not let yourselves fall asleep, but wake up and make ready to ask forgiveness and mercy for your many sins and failings.

I bless you and forgive you in expectation of the coming of He who can do all.

The Mother of the Absolute Lord of All the Universe