Mary, Sorrowful Mother

My daughter, you will soon be better but do not seek healing, because we still need your suffering. You know well my sufferings and yet I continue to help my Son because I want most of my children soon to be able to rejoice in the glory of the return of Jesus on your shaky planet.

Only He can bring to your planet peace, joy, truth, brotherhood, true love. My daughter, continue to offer your sufferings and soon you will rejoice in your offerings.

Your earth has up to now become a satanic land with your sin, with your acts of disobedience, with your hatred for the true Church. You have scourged the body and spirit of my Son for the umpteenth time.

All will soon be fulfilled, unfortunately. Will your faith have the strength necessary that it needs for salvation?

Dear children, I can still count on you, my little remnant. Do not disappoint me. Accept with love the hard trials that you must face and together we can praise and give thanks to God for the gift of eternal life.

Now you are aware that human life will never be able to give you that perfect joy that you will experience by the unique love of God, Creator and Lord of all things. I love you so much. Pray and keep offering your indispensable sufferings so that the plan of God be realized in full.

I bless you, my beloved children. Continue to wipe away my tears. I love you.

Mary, Sorrowful Mother