Mary, Lady of the “Yes”

Have I not perhaps promised you that I will be with you until the end of time? A true mother, how could she leave her own children in the fears and uncertainties of this brief human life?

Do not draw far from Me. Only I can give you all that you need in these last and uncertain earthly times. Dear children, how can you think that your life begins on this earth and ends here?

You have certainly had little imagination, but your heads and your sensations rightly begin and end in a great hurry. Life on earth is brief, but what awaits you will have no more end.

I implore you, seek to merit, with your good works, eternal life. On earth you have been able to know things only briefly but soon you will taste the goodness and eternity of the Creator, He who has given himself totally for his most beloved creatures.

Seek to take each other’s hand often. You need certainties and together you can obtain them more easily.

Pray that your Father have mercy on you, because the other one will do all he can to destroy the last days that remain for him totally to terminate the freedom that you have placed in his terrible, scorching claws.

Pray, love, offer, and suffer for the good of your non-believing brethren. I want you with Me and I do not tire of inculcating in you love, mercy, and forgiveness.

I bless you, reminding you that the days are quickly drawing to a close. Then you will see and enjoy True Light.

Mary, Lady of the “Yes”