Mary, Most Pure

My children, not those who say “Lord, Lord” will enter the kingdom of heaven, but those who do the will of God. My dearest children, I tell you this so that you understand that what you believe is good, but made by you, is not always the will of God.

Leave aside the things of the world if you want to obey your Creator. Every day, you lose yourselves in earthly wanderings and let pass by the things of heaven.

I, your Mother, seek in every way to inculcate in your heart what God wants from you.

Redemption will be for all who obey the will of God. I ask you, pray with your heart, accompanying your prayer with concrete love for your brethren, above all for those who are far from the grace of God.

The times are drawing to completion. Seek to obey all the commandments of God that have been given you to show you the right way.

My children, so dear to my heart, help me to convert the many hearts who are far from God, otherwise it could be too late. On your earth there no longer exists good example. Everywhere one lives in lies, in wicked example, and in scandal. Make a choice for God, otherwise it will be too late.

Fratricidal war will increase and then you will have no more time for repentance of your sins. My children, listen to these words of mine and make them yours. Live by giving good example and by filling your hearts with love for the Father and the Son, so that there comes down upon you the forgiveness of God.

With maternal love,

Mary, Most Pure

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