Your Sorrowful Mother

My such beloved children, you ask me, “Pray for us sinners,” but do you really pray it from the bottom of your heart? I always listen to your prayers, but are you aware of what you are asking me?

Perhaps you pray while thinking of other things. You must see for yourselves how much I intercede for you, for your families, and for the whole world. You are, unfortunately, truly living in difficult moments. War has taken the place of peace and you live in fear and weeping.

Now repeat the question, “Do I pray for you?” My children, if I did not intercede for you, your world would disappear and most of you, its inhabitants, would find yourselves suffering the pains of hell.

Dear children, do not allow yourselves any more to play with fire, because if you continue to behave in this way, your eternal dwelling will be suffering. I pray you, think about what you are preparing for beyond this world, with your hands.

My children, unfortunately most of your brethren do not think about tomorrow. I pray you, put true prayer first in your life. Offer sacrifices for your rebellious brethren to the Word of God. Pray for the young who do not understand what they are risking by abandoning Holy Mass.

Pray, my children. I will continue to intercede for you, distracted and disobedient.

Your Sorrowful Mother

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