Mary, Mother of Jesus

You pray, “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with Thee.” Yes, my dear children, the Lord is with Me from the day of my conception.

You need to be baptized in order to become true children of God, but I have had the honor and the burden [l’onore e l’onere] of becoming the Mother of Jesus and all of you. God has made use of Me, his servant and smallest among all women.

My dear children, I love you like no mother has ever loved. You are children of that Lord who has chosen me as Mother of His Only-Begotten Son. Jesus will give you everything, all love, so that you may merit to enter into his kingdom.

Dear children, you cannot now understand the depths of this mystery, but in just a short while, you will be aware of the coming of Jesus among you. Only in that time will your eyes and heart be opened and you will be able to pray to my Son to let you enter and take part in his Kingdom.

Only his Divine Mercy will make you true children of his. Prepare yourselves, because there remains little time to ask forgiveness for all your innumerable faults.

I cry for all my children, deaf to my call, but I am certain that your prayers will help me to get my beloved children back, in order to enjoy their love totally.

I love you, dear children. Soon we will enjoy together the true Love of God. I bless you.

Mary, Mother of Jesus

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