Your Sorrowful Mother

Dear children, if I come to you as a Mother, it is because the love of a mother far surpasses every other kind of love.

If I am here with you, it is so that you do not feel like orphans. My love reaches each of you and helps you to overcome all the trials that come before you in these last and difficult times.

You all see how, in your world, one no longer speaks of God. Even at the moment of death for so many of you, one does not pray the Lord take that soul, forgiving all his sins; one remembers only the actions that that soul has taken during his worldly life.

Dear children, ask forgiveness for these brethren of yours who do not believe, so that, standing before my Son, they are able to ask forgiveness for their little faith.

I pray for you. I am suffering much but I do not lose the hope that each of you find a little space in your life for the love of Jesus.

How is it you do not understand that the days in which you are living on your planet are only a small quantity? Eternal life will be for you only what you merit through love, devotion, and charity for God and your brethren. Dear children, I ask you from the bottom of my heart: repent, respect the commandments, and above all, love each other as Jesus loves you. I bless you.

Your Sorrowful Mother

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