Jesus, Sole Head of the Church

You have called me, invited me with your song. Behold, I come.

My dear children, may my passion, in this period of the year, be your passion. I certainly do not wish suffering but I tell you, for your good, not to avoid the sufferings that I permit, but offer them to Me from the depths of your heart, especially for the salvation of my suffering Church.

You know and recognize well what my sorrows were, but I was not able to say No to my Father. There was a moment, that as a man, and through temptation, in which I would have wanted to avoid those atrocious sorrows, on the physical and spiritual level, but the love that I have for you made me overcome all the trials of my Passion.

I tell you, my children, be strong. Accept your “passion” so that my Church regains unity, love, sharing. Pray that my priests not forget that my Church must continue to live in unity.

I alone am the Lord, I alone am He Who Is, I alone have instituted my Church: catholic, holy, and apostolic.

Unite yourselves in order to keep my Church alive “in unity” because only in this way will you be my people, those who love the Blessed Trinity and She who is a living part of the Trinity itself. Therefore, just as the Blessed Trinity is “united,” so, dear children, should you yourselves also remain united.

There do no exist “religions,” but there exists only my Church, mother of all humanity. Dear children, only in the hands of my priests comes my death and resurrection, and only if you eat of my Precious Body and Blood will you be redeemed. Only in me will you be reborn.

I bless you and strengthen you, so that you may overcome trials. Find again lost peace and recover your dignity as sons of God. Amen, dear children.

Jesus, Sole Head of the Church