Your Queen of Peace

Dearest children of mine, I am She who will carry her obedient children to the Father. You know well that only he who does the will of God will be able to enter into eternal dwellings. Certainly, yours will not be an easy way, but only by respecting the Commandments will you be able to live eternally next to He who Is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

You must no longer desire anything, because your Father will give you all that your Spirit desires. Dear children, be always ready, because you know neither the day nor the hour in which all in you will come to fulfillment.

Prepare yourselves. The times are coming by leaps and bounds. You yourselves are aware of how much life on earth is becoming little more than a trice. I am leading you as only the Mother of Jesus can do.

If you listen to my counsels, you will have nothing to fear. I will be near you, side by side. I will not let you change direction or that you be able to lose for very long the path of life, which is becoming every day more difficult.

Follow my steps and you will no longer worry, this I promise you. Do not set aside prayer for your families or for the whole world.

So many of my children have drawn far from God and struggle to find their way again. For this reason I need obedient children like you, who, with love, bring back your brethren to the only flock. I thank you and promise you all the good that you merit.

Dear children, have no fear for the negative things you see, but unite yourselves to my prayers and we will be a victorious force. I bless you.

Your Queen of Peace