Your Most Holy Mother Mary

I am that Immaculate One of the blue roses and will always be with you. Let us pray with great love for all my adorable children, so that your Father have mercy and free each of them from every evil.

My dear children, you know every worldly thing. You study for so many years all that surrounds you: the light, the darkness, what is good and less good. You believe you know all that surrounds you and you do not respect the laws of God.

Not in this way, my children, not in this way. Entrust yourselves to He who has created from nothing all things and pray to Him to act as a good teacher, that is, He who knows well what has come from his own hands.

You no longer know what the word “respect” means and therefore what you touch with your inexpert hands will not give you what you expect from it, that is, what you ask in the name of science, what you make with your poor heads and brains.

Be more obedient to the laws of God. Only then will what you ask for be given to you. I await your requests, to present them to my Son, but you no longer know the prayers to obtain what you desire.

Stop a moment, reflect on how much you have destroyed with your hands, ask forgiveness for how much you still are not able to love your earth.

Remember that only with love and respect for all that surrounds you will you be able to regain that little bit of good that you have not succeeded in destroying.

My children, make a mea culpa from the bottom of your heart and Jesus will forgive your faults. I bless you. I will continue to protect you so long as you allow me. I love you.

Your Most Holy Mother Mary