Mary, Consoler

My such beloved children, pray much, so that your brethren find again the way that leads to Jesus. You know well that I never leave you alone, but many of you no longer want to know anything of what is divine and powerful.

My children dedicate their lives more than ever to useless things, not thinking anymore that only what belongs to the Divine can change their life for the better.

The times in which you are living are certainly not the most good and beautiful, but you, my children, what will you do to make them better? I can draw near only to so very few of you. The cursing that many of you add to your conversations will surely lead you into the depths of hell.

I ask you, pray much for these children of mine who are far from their Father and from Jesus. Prayer, for many, has become unknown. Everything in their life will change, then.

Help me, obedient children. Intercede with the saints of heaven, so that they help these children of mine, who have done away with prayer toward Jesus, Me, and the saints.

Dear children, the times will soon change. Draw ever nearer to Jesus, who is your true salvation. I thank you, because you listen to my words and put into practice what Jesus proposes to you with his Word and in his Holy Gospel.

Dear children, I love you and soon I will be able to show it to you face to face. I bless you and thank you.

Mary, Consoler

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