Sorrowful Mary

My Son rose to heaven after all his sufferings. His Father freed him from all the sufferings that you men are capable of providing him. I pray you: repent of all your sins if you want to be reborn in heaven.

You are going too far with your offenses. You do not recognize that He who has given his life for you is your Creator. If you are on this earth it is only because you are friends with your Lord, God of the Universe.

I pray for you and will continue to do so, so that the Omnipotent call you back to Himself. You do not want to understand that your world is exhausting all its joys. You no longer respond to all that God, in his great goodness, has willed to grant you.

On earth you will no longer succeed in having the goods that Jesus has given you at the cost of his life. When you understand how great his love for you is, it will be too late.

Pray and offer your sufferings for your brethren who do not want to recognize the love that my Jesus has for them. The life you are leading no longer corresponds to the love that God has intended for you.

Repent, my children, so that you be ready on time. You will no longer be able to do things at your leisure because God, who has created heaven and earth for you, will take it back just as he has given it to you and all will be over for you, disobedient children.

I pray for you, but believe again and pray for your salvation.

Sorrowful Mary

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