Jesus, Only Begotten Son

My such beloved children, continue with your prayers. Do not abandon me. I have given my life for you on the cross and, in these times, my sufferings are still so great. I must recommend you to be near me with your offerings and prayers of adoration.

Your Jesus suffers above all for my church, which no longer respects my commandments. Dear children, I desire from you prayers for my church that, unfortunately, is no longer catholic or roman apostolic.

Pray and fast so that my church returns like I want her to. Always make use of my Body, so that you keep yourselves obedient to my Church.

Dear children, your earthly times are about to end. For this reason, I tell you and repeat to you, feed on my Body and pray that My Father still have compassion on you. Your Mother weeps for you, but most of you are not able to console her.

My Father still has many places, but you, seek to merit them, otherwise the devil will make a haul of your souls.

I, Jesus, pray you: console my Mother, who is enduring all over again the sorrows of the time of my passion. You, my children, who listen to me, pray, give good example to all my children, who no longer believe in God.

Let my blessing descend upon you and upon your families.

Jesus, Only-Begotten Son

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