Mary, She Who Loves

Your Most Holy and Sorrowful Mother is here with you.

My dear children, when will you cease to offer me sorrows, weeping, worries? I confess that I am tired of weeping and of receiving only sorrows and worries from all of you, beginning from your priests.

Fortunately for you, there are still some blessed by God. The others are too busy with earthly things, even if they have to do with your churches.

Pray, my children, pray more for those who must give a good example with their prayers, words, and works. I always seek to guide them but they are too busy with that part of the church that has little to do with “catholic.”

My children, I implore you, pray for my sons, who must guide you to My Son. Let the Holy Mass be your daily bread. Only thus will you be able to feed on my Son and follow him with good works.

Jesus is with you every time you receive him in Holy Communion. Only in this way will he remain with you. My dear children, only the Holy Mass will nourish you in your spirit.

Draw near to the Holy Eucharist every day. You will feel more protected by He who Is and who will remain your Only God. Dear children, help me to gather my children, who go around losing themselves every day.

May God bless and protect you. I, your mother, love you.

Mary, She Who Loves

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