Mary, Queen of Angels

My dear children, peace be with you. Each one of your guardian angels rejoices around you. Pray to your angels. Never as in these times do you need their help. They never tire of giving you counsel and direction as to how and where to go to lead you in the Christian way.

It is they who suggest to you how to praise, love, listen to the Word of the Gospel. Pay attention during prayer not to distract yourselves.

I remember you always, as the prayer of the heart is always the most profitable. Only from the heart does love come. Only from the heart are born feelings. Only from the heart are born the true acts of charity.

Ask the help of your angels when you lose concentration in prayer. They love to adore my Son and do not know distraction.

The way that leads to Jesus is sown with the discord that the demon tosses to makes you fall in temptation, but do not worry about the falls. Your angels are with you to sustain you and help you get back up.

I, your Mother, am with you. Your guardians make for me a crown in heaven as on earth. It is true that the rebel angels are numerous and wily, but if you call upon your guardian angels, they can do nothing against you.

Be shrewd. Speak and seek counsel before acting. You will realize that all your worries will vanish in giving way to peace of heart. Often my children forget the presence of the guardian angels by their side. For today I am here, to remind you of their presence.

Entrust to them your thoughts, your doubts, your uncertainties. You will realize that you can always count on their help.

I bless you, my children. Treasure this advice of mine and you will be more secure and serene in carrying out your tasks. My blessing be with you and with your loved ones.

Mary, Queen of Angels