Mary, Mother of the Eucharist

Dear children, I bring you my Son. Do not be afraid of all that is coming to your ears, but fear that which comes to your hearts. Never allow what is underhanded enter into your thoughts, your interior, in your life.

I bring you my Son and I give him to you through the priest. Draw close to the Eucharistic Table. Nourish yourselves with the Body of Jesus living and true. Abandon all that is human and enrich your spirit with the Bread that will feed forever.

You know well that if in you the soul stays fasting, you will die. Yes, dear children, there is no life without Christ, He whom the Father has sent to save all humanity.

The head of the ancient serpent will soon be crushed by my Immaculateness. I am the woman that he fears absolutely and for this reason you must never fear all that is said in these times.

I am your Mother and if you love my Son more than yourselves, I will sustain you and defend you in every step of yours. The Eucharist will never be lacking in your days and you will be full of every true joy, that which not even satan, with his temptations, can take away from you.

If you evangelize your brethren, first with the “word” and then leading them to the Sacred Table, your will be blessed by God. Listen to my counsel. No one more than me can give you just and more appropriate advice.

Be close to your priests with daily prayer. Ask for them the true respect of their vocation. With the consecrated you will be safe from such uncertainties and confusion. I am never missing from their celebrations. Do like Me, participate always in the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass.

Through the Eucharist may you be blessed.

Mary, Mother of the Eucharist