Mary, Lovable Mother

My dear children, peace to you and to the whole world. I am here to lead you to my Son, but it depends on your response. If you respond “yes” then I will teach you.

The days pass by and you do not decide to change your habits. I understand that you are going through a period, to say the least, tempestuous, and it is not easy to understand what you should or should not do, but it is precisely for this reason that I, your Mother, am always present to give you good advice.

Dear children, I suggest to you from the bottom of my sorrowful heart, do not judge. Judgment does not belong to you, but I suggest that you be merciful with all. Help your brethren who are in darkness, but help them delicately, with love, with much patience, otherwise your words will be in vain.

Love is that which builds every human relationship. Draw close with gentleness to my most unhappy children and then you will see good fruit. Jesus teaches from the height of his Cross. Be aware that without his help, without his guidance, without taking advantage of his example, you will never succeed in your purposes.

Pray more. From the morning turn your gaze toward heaven and begin your day with the Sign of the Cross. It is not easy to confront all the evil which surrounds you, but precisely for this reason, armor yourselves and arm yourselves with the only weapon that will conquer the world.

Console the many afflicted who suffer because they are misunderstood and hurt. Bring peace to every corner of your country. Help your priests who are yet more weak in temptations and teach your children, from their youth, to pray, to make little sacrifices, to love their less fortunate companions, because their families are broken and separated because of family misunderstandings.

Seek to unite. The other one incites you to separate ever more. Be strong in love and you will win. May the love and peace of my Son guide you toward eternal joy.

I love you, dear children. Be obedient.

Mary, Lovable Mother