Mary, Mother Most Tender

May the light that the stars of my crown spread illuminate your hearts.

Dear children, you very much need the light that comes from on high. You are living in a world of shadows and your spirit is in tremendous suffering.

Lift your eyes to heaven and, with hearts full of love, praise God that he not decide, too soon, to visit his justice upon your whole planet. You are blind guides to other blind persons; you can only walk gropingly. Ask help from heaven on high if you want to recover your sight.

You are not aware that time is passing inexorably. No one can decide his own life. My Son offered himself for you. Benefit from his goodness – convert to his Word, open your hearts and let there enter the true Light, that which shines in the darkness.

I love you. I would like to make you soldiers of Christ. Resolve to combat the constant enemy. Sharpen your weapon, use it as often as possible with the certitude that it will carry you to final victory.

May each of you be an example with your own brother, remembering that actions counts more than a thousand words. Be bringers of peace, forgetting the evil actions received, and you will be victors on all fronts.

The days to come depend on you. They can be favorable or less so, according to the strength that you know how to put into prayer and intercession before the Most High.

Man, taking the place that does not belong to him, is destroying his future and that of his brethren. I adjure you, make sure your politicians and all those who guide your countries let their hearts be shaped in order to lead in the name of the true Lord of heaven and earth.

I bless you, little flock. Obey only the voice of the True Shepherd.

Mary, Mother Most Tender