The Eternal Father

Dear children, I am with you now and always, but where are you? Few of you seek me, very few pray to me, but when difficulties arrive, they insult Me even without knowing me.

I want to recommend to you all these brothers of yours, whom nothing and no one succeeds in bringing to Me. My farthest children have more need of your prayers. No one brings them to me with true heart, but I need requests accompanied by the love of the hearts of those asking.

Children, console me: I have sent you my Only Divine Son and what have you been able to do? You killed him miserably. Even today those days repeat. Men seem to have lost their sense and the awareness of being able to do very little has not yet made them decide to turn to Me.

For this reason, they have such need of your loving intercessions. I will give you yet the necessary time to be able to gather as many souls as possible, and blessed are you if you know how to sow well, because you will reap exactly what you will have known how to give of the good to your brothers

I am your Father, your Good Father, and I will not allow yet much longer the evil one to sow discord. The harvest is drawing ever closer. I love all who honor my Son and his Mother and who with love trust in their intercession.

May the Precious Blood of my Son purify all of you, giving you, for the second time, the possibility of salvation. After the scattering of his blood, his coming on the earth will complete the work begun on the wood of the Cross.

Blessed are you if you are able to welcome my Son and his Most Holy Mother, ready to crush the head of the ancient serpent. My blessing be upon all of you, on your priests, on your Holy Father.

The Eternal Father