Jesus, your God

At that time I said to my disciples, “Do not judge and you will not be judged.”

Dear children, do not say, “But perhaps they merit this trial,” but rather day, “This cataclysm is the fruit of our sins.” And yes, my children, your sins are destroying your planet.

But whoever is without sin, let him case the first stone. Therefore, if you are all sinners, give healthy correction to each other. Correction, if it is given in my love, cannot but produce positive results.

Be loving, like I myself have taught you, but rally each other when you are in error. I love you and before giving punishment, I seek to convince you of a deeper love. You yourselves should thus do this.

Love is manifest above all in moments of trial. Be compassionate with your most stiff-necked brethren. Love those who hate you, help those in difficulty. These are difficult times. Satan is puffing you up with pride and antagonism. I tell you: be humble and meek and the Kingdom of heaven will be yours.

Multiply your prayers, trusting always in my Mercy. You will have yet many difficulties to confront, but only with my love will you succeed in overcoming every obstacle.

Pray for your most tested brethren. Help the weakest on the spiritual level because the evil one will tempt them, above all, in the depths of their hearts. Many will be lost precisely because they will not be able to forgive themselves for their weakness, but above all because they will curse my Father for their sufferings.

Pray much that you not fall into temptation, because the evil one is testing each one of you, knowing well your weaknesses. Your spirit is tested to excess. Pay close attention, be strong, and you will have your profit.

Jesus, your God