Jesus, Son and Holy

My Heart can hold all my children who desire my love, and welcome all my precepts. I love my children, but want that all be saved in the acknowledgement that without Me they cannot live, and when I say “live,” I speak of spiritual life.

Leave to the world the things of the world, but give to God that which is of God. If you live for the beauty of spiritual things, you will no longer value the things that make you slaves of the world.

You are mine. I have thought you – desired you – created you. No one will ever be able to love you more than Me. Live in prayer and in the meditation of the counsels that you have received through my Commandments. Whoever loves the world more than Me will not be worthy of Me.

I have given my life for you, but it seems that the majority of my children have forgotten this. I want to bring you all back to my Father. Like a good shepherd, I want to lead all my little sheep into the one true fold.

Be good evangelizers, and I will render you a hundredfold. Blessed are you when God the Father opens his most loving arms. My Mother, Most Holy Mary, is she who prays incessantly for all of you. Help her by your prayer, so that her intercession arrive to the Father most quickly.

I love you so much, my children. Do not waste more time. Confront your behavior with my commandments in order to ensure you are living sufficiently and with love under my laws.

Dear children, I have promised you eternal life. It is your to merit it. With love and with boldness and perseverance, you will be able to conquer my Heart and that of my Father. Remember: prayer and fasting from the things of the world will save all of humanity. I bless you.

Jesus, Son and Holy