Jesus, Second Person of the Trinity

I am He who Is! Who among you could claim differently?

My dearest children, my pierced heart is suffering for all humanity. You do not want to understand that only I am infinite goodness. You, living beings, can never, and I say never, move one comma from any act of my will.

However, for you, you will never succeed in your intentions to fulfill your own will. I want that your knees bend and every tongue turn to profess that Jesus, the Christ, is Lord.

If my Father is yet patient in sending fire upon the earth, it is because my Mother intercedes before Me and toward the Father. Punishments will come if humanity does not convert. Conversion means totally changing the meaning of one’s life.

If you continue with your acts of disobedience, you will draw down the anger of God. One cannot serve mammon and disobey God, He who is absolute Master of all things.

Do you want other signs? I tell you and I repeat to you that you have had the sign of Jonah, a word that has been repeated for around two thousand years, but only faith now can save you.

How many miracles, how many graces are you already receiving! Through merits? No, I tell you, only through the goodness of God. Most of you no longer believe in the Gospel. You turn to your gods, to your idols that satisfy your wants, your senses, but your life will become every day more empty of true meaning.

Make haste, dear children, to take up again the reins before everything comes crashing down. Yours has become a world of automatons. It seems that no one is capable anymore of listening to the beats of their own heart. Open up to me, my children. Without Me you are non-existent. What profit would it be to gain the world and then lose one’s life?

Meditate on my Word and have others meditate. Only in listening to my voice can you reach your Father forever. I bless you.

Jesus, Second Person of the Trinity