Jesus, the Christ of God

My brethren, I want your sanctification. Certainly one does not become a saint standing far from the commandments. If they have been given to you, it is so that you might have firm points in which to believe. The truth will set you free and the respect for the Ten Commandments will bring you to holiness.

I am the Lord your God, do not idolize the gods. The first of the commandments says: “Hear, Israel!” I repeat it to you today: Hear, my people, open your ears and your heart so as to let enter my perfect and truthful counsels.

I have given my life for all and for each. Do not disappoint me, I ask it for your good. Love me, if for no other reason, than as thanksgiving for my great gift of love.

I advise you to leave aside certain meaningless modernisms. Life is one, only one and comes under the shadow of my love that will never go out of style. That which was valid two thousand years ago is most in vigor even today.

There will remain nothing on this earth. The old things have passed, the modern things will soon become old and in the same exact way they will pass in a breath. How could I count a thousand years before eternity!

My brethren, begin to live truly. Let dreams pass, so that only my realities remain in eternity.

Let your life pass only in emulating my coming upon the earth. I have honored my father and my mother, I have kept holy the day of my Father, I have not killed, above all in the use of my tongue, I have lived in perfect chastity, I have not stolen, I have not persecuted. I have only borne witness to my Father and his Kingdom.

Brethren, do the same if you want to be holy. I will return. Seek to prepare yourselves by respecting and honoring the Decalogue.

Jesus, the Christ of God