Mary, Queen and Mother

May my twelve stars illuminate your path. How many difficulties you are encountering! I have such compassion for you, my children. You are sheep without a shepherd, and you are not aware of the confusion you are living through.

Pray for all your youth, their tomorrow is in danger. They pray little. The family, however, most often gives them only bad example. Sunday is no longer respected as it must be.

How many of them on Sunday participate in the sacrifice of my Son? Who among them receives the Eucharist after having asked pardon with an appropriate confession?

Dear children, I tell you, take care of your children and of your grandchildren. They are living on the edge of a great chasm and no one takes the trouble to draw them away from this danger. Help me, my daughters. Draw close to the young with example and with the word, or they will be lost.

I am your Mother. These youth of mine need sure guides. They are stumbling continually and no one is helping them to get up again. You have a great responsibility regarding their confusion; be closer to them and help them, showing them the path that leads to the whole truth.

I ask you today to take care of these young souls. It does not matter if sometimes you are offended – reprove them gently so that they understand that they must draw close to Jesus if they want to correct their strange behaviors.

They have no more moral principles, they never think of nourishing their most important part, the spiritual one. My daughters, be full-time evangelizers and I will sustain you in every way and in every moment. Let us save their souls, let us bring to my Son all the confused and wayward youth.

I thank you, because I know that you listen to this Mom who loves you infinitely.

I bless you. Bring my blessing to all my beloved youth.

Mary, Queen and Mother