Mary, Liberator

My dear children, someone dares tell you that I do you psychological violence, speaking to you and telling you the Word of my Son. You know well this is not so, but satan is reaping victims everywhere and seeks to violate my children in every way.

I love you and precisely for this great love I am coming to you, so long as Jesus allows me and does not hold me back. I want that all my children have the possibility to save their soul.

Jesus has given his life for each one of you and I want to collaborate in your salvation with my suggestions. I desire that you not lose even one of my words, that you be direct witnesses of the great love of my Son and Me.

Consecrate yourselves to our hearts if you want that your path become more suitable. I know, it is not easy today to walk in faith, but precisely for this reason I am here to help you.

Listen to me attentively and seek to remember and to put into practice all that I will tell you. Means of communication and all technologies in general are property of the evil one. He uses you in every way, conquers you with every kind of offer, no doubt he makes evil appear camouflaged in good. He tempts you in your more hidden desires, he awakens your senses with every kind of temptation.

He is buying you cheaply and easily, since you are offering yourselves to him willingly. Remember that all temptations begin in the head.

Your mind metabolizes all the absurd and sinful offerings and then they pass directly to the heart. If, in the center of your heart, the Eucharistic Jesus is not present, it will be very difficult to overcome temptation.

My dear children, pay much attention. Free your minds so that your hearts may receive only my holy suggestions. Open your minds only to your Heavenly Mother.

I bless you, in mind, in body, and in heart.

Mary, Liberator