Mary, Mother of the Living

May my joy be with you all. My dear children, you are my joy. You understand that prayer is joy and life, and without prayer you will never arrive at rejoicing fully. It is Jesus who gives joy, it is He who has given his life for love, it is love that gives true joy.

Dear children, you belong to my Son, and it is for this reason that in you is born peace, and peace brings joy. My children, never forget prayer. Only enriched with prayer can you confront life in joy. Be kind with each other, but also with all those brethren who need your smile to be encouraged to go forward in this life, which is offering you only sacrifices and sorrow.

Your enemy is seeking at all costs to take joy away from you. He is tempting you in every way, even to take away the smile from your lips, but you, do not be afraid. While you feed yourselves with prayer, you will feel content, and nothing and no one will be able to cause you pain with false worries, false news, false truths.

If you still have the strength to abandon all the negativity and to put in first place, in your life, the Son of God, you will have nothing to fear. Be happy, my children, even in the trials of everyday life. In trials one grows on the spiritual level and has the chance to offer to God that which will be of help to your non-believing brethren, or those little dedicated to prayer.

Continue to pray and joy will never abandon you and your families. I bless you and multiply intercessions to my Son for all of you, for all your brethren for whom you are praying, in particular for my children who are consecrated and often little joyful, because they are overtaken by many earthly duties.

I love you very much.

Mary, Mother of the Living