Jesus, He Who Conquers the World

Peace to you! I am bringing you my Mother in a special day. Celebrate Her and give Her praise for the love that she nourishes for you, her children, who in this period are giving her sorrows of every kind.

I have given her to you through my John, but so many of your brethren are disappointing her every day. My Mother is the woman clothed with the sun. It is She who brings you her Only Son, whom you have crucified.

My dear children, she has given you the weapon that kills satan. Only She, the Most Pure, the Immaculate, can combat with satan, knowing full well that the final victory will be hers.

I, Jesus, the Son whom the Father has willed to give to all humanity, invite you to imitate how She has acted with the Holy Family. The Son of God has obeyed in every way, has loved in every way the Woman who is Co-Redemptrix, Mediator, she who in primis has known to give her “yes” to the Word of God.

Here I am, therefore, to remind you that the one “without stain” wants you to be worthy of her Son. She defends you in temptations, helps you to overcome them, but you must be faithful and obedient children if you want to follow through, along with her, the way that leads to my Kingdom.

She is the Woman most beloved – but also most feared by he who is your bitter enemy. Be strong in temptations, in the certainty that my Mother will win on every front. Do not fear he who can do you evil on the human level, since you are already victors over the world if you obey her teachings.

I am giving her to you for yet a little while longer, then all will be fulfilled in glory. My children, the weapon of the rosary is the only weapon that knows how to defend you from every attack.

I bless you. In the maternal embrace of my Mother you are safe. Do not draw far from Her.

Jesus, He Who Conquers the World