Mary, She Who is “Visit”

My dear children, may the peace that comes from heaven be with all of you.

The Mother of Jesus and your Mother reminds you that fraternal charity is that which makes every work great. May my visit to cousin Elizabeth be an example for you. My Son manifested himself to her from my womb. The sterile woman will have a son. Age is no longer the important thing, but the gift of maternity that comes from God, that God who visits those who believe in Him. And, by means of my visit, through the charity that I had, after having completed a long and tiring journey, the Son of God fulfilled his miracle.

My dear children, faith united with charity works miracles. Place yourselves at the disposition of your brethren and you will be able to revive the miracles of another time. Jesus and John are the creation of love, of charity, of faith. Our God cares for all his creatures just like he has done from the beginning, but now it is your turn to understand, to feel, how great this mystery is. Recover faith, join it to charity, and you will be able to revive, like Elizabeth, the miracle of life.

My dear children, unfortunately, if you do not touch with your hand you will not believe, and this has become the greatest problem for you. Pray the God of love so that he make you understand that charity must always go alongside faith, or you will never have fulfillment in your interior life.

I am always ready to set out on a voyage for you, just like I did for Elizabeth, but you must have faith and love for all, not thinking about human needs. Make the Spirit live in you, pray that he illuminate you, so that you may be able to obey with a loving voice the God of life, of mercy, of charity. Call upon me and I will be with you. Amen.

Mary, She Who is “Visit”