Mary, Bearer of Truth

My dear children, you are my ladies and my knights. I am leading you on the way in order to draw my children close, who do not know Jesus, my Beloved Son. Be kind and thoughtful toward all, but at the same time, be truthful.

The Word of God is one and is not up for debate. His suggestions are to be followed to the letter. Help me – the laws of God are precious, indispensable for following his ways.

My daughters, ladies are always gentle. Do not raise your voice with your sisters. Be sweet like your Mother and you will see that your word is heard and respected even by those more indisposed to dialogue.

Speak with love, without inculcating fear over the times that are coming. My Son wills to save all, but do you see how many young are drawing away from Him? It is for this reason that you need my presence among you.

And you, sons, be brave knights. Follow and lead your brothers on the most uncomfortable paths. You know well that satan is opposing all of you in order to carry more men into his kingdom of sorrow and suffering.

Help the young to become true men. Lead them, above all in the way of truth. It is useless to hide difficulties. One needs to speak about them in order to confront, at the opportune moment, all the temptations that are gaining strength.

My children, often that which is good is hidden and that which opens the gates to hell is publicized without measure. Pay attention to distinguishing that which leads to God from that which leads to he who is pure lie.

I am in the truth and it is precisely I who am leading you to heaven. Follow me and make me follow, with your example and your dedication to the things of God.

Mary, Bearer of Truth