Jesus, with the Holy Spirit

I inflame your hearts with my Holy Spirit, but who among you listens to my calls? You doubt even my Commandments, but how can you do this? Your God is Certainty. You cannot be confused, because my counsels are counsels that only a Father God can give.

You believe in such balderdash, in a thousand lies, in false words and false witnesses, and then you object to that which comes from heaven; you need great explanations. You go to magicians and witches, but do you not yet understand that your future, your tomorrow, no one knows it outside of Me? And yet you entrust yourselves to charlatans of every kind, and there, where infinite doubts ought to rise within you, you believe without any explanation; there, you do not need clarification.

I tell you that the times of my Second Coming are approaching by great steps. Do not let yourselves be found unprepared. Pray that the evil pass soon and that the Immaculate Heart of my Mother may finally triumph in my glory, surrounded by all the angels of heaven.

But you do not understand that, in this world, you can never satisfy your spirit? The things of the world are passing and will never give you that which you truly need. I refer to peace, if not accompanied by forgiveness, to joy if you do not confess your sins, to eternal life if prayer is not the cause and bearer of conversion. Only thus, after conversion, with faith will you recover peace, joy, true happiness, eternal life.

My dear children, I bless you, pouring into your hearts the Spirit of Holiness. Welcome Him and seal in Him your tormented hearts.

Jesus, with the Holy Spirit