My Lovable Heart

Hail Mary! How often do you greet my Mother each day? It is she who intercedes for you every time you call upon her. I can deny her nothing, since she is the “Co-Redemptrix” of all humanity. My angels make up her crown and she leads them where your needs are the most urgent. You have a heavenly Mother who knows how and can place satan in difficulty. Only by calling on her name will you be able to cast out temptations from the ancient serpent. I pray you, however, to entrust to her, in this moment, all of your families. She who is Mother par excellence has the power to drive away the devil every time you call upon her name.

Dear children, you see how your times are, each day, more and more, destroying all that I had entrusted to you, handing over to you the entire universe. It is you who, drawing far from the font of living water, are subjecting to hard trial all the goods that surround you.

Dear children, your voices are becoming still more feeble, courage is abandoning you, fear is taking over, and thus your works are becoming poorer, less truthful, and worse. Your love leaves something to be desired, reason makes her a mistress, and hearts are closing with ever greater ease to the needs of your brothers.

Open to me, indeed, open wide to me your hearts so that I may change them, enrich them with my Holy Spirit, and so that you be able to come out from darkness and enjoy my Light. I keep you from many errors, I help you in decisions, I suggest to you only what is best for living a more satisfying life for you and those who surround you.

Let prayer be your sure guide for reaching my Father, who for yet a bit longer will hear your calls. I exhort you not to abandon my Sacrifice, where it can feed and quench the thirst of your Spirit.

My Lovable Heart