Mary Most Pure

Dear children, I am your Mother, and for exactly this reason I do not want to ask of you the impossible. Listen, though, to my words and put them into practice. I want to speak with you about a rare virtue, since the vast majority of you no longer consider it important.

My dear children, I want to remind you again how important it is for you to live in chastity. Chastity of thought, of the heart, and of the body. Above all, seek not to change your good thoughts into wicked thoughts.

It is evil for you to think negatively, but above all to transform thoughts into evil words and deeds at the expense of the one who loves you, who trusts in you, who needs good counsel from you. Be, therefore, prudent.

If, then, you draw into your hearts feelings that bother it and impoverish it, you will never be able to keep chastity within you. Be as transparent as glass. Do not dirty your soul with actions contrary to chastity. Be pure as children, keep your bodies as true holy temples of God.

Chastity brings one to truth and the truth loves chastity. Be sincere in your works. Whoever lives in sincerity will not have difficulty living chastity. Purity, truth, chastity make new creatures of you, children like the Creator, happy men and women, adorers of the Holy Spirit in all their splendor.

I love you, dear children, and if I ask clarity of you it is so that your brethren might see themselves in you and, through you, to recognize the filth that covers over within themselves their purity of heart, of the mind, and of the body.

Be chaste and your Father will show you his dwelling of light.

Mary Most Pure