Mary Immaculate

My dear children, I accept your song dedicated to Me. Today is truly a preparation for the remembrance of my Immaculateness. Dear children, share with me the gift of purity. Today this is no longer in style, but I assure you that, for my Son, your purity and chastity are very much in his heart.

You do not want stains on your clothes; likewise for us your soul must be without the stain of sin, and for this reason, then, you should ask for the gift of purity.

Your land is becoming all the more covered with rot, and while you understand that there has been a negative change in your daily living, you do nothing to improve your situation.

Turn to me in difficult moments and together we will fix so many errors. Do not lose any more time. The times are shortening inexorably and delays are not good. I am with you and always remind you that every time is the right time. It depends only on you to make good or poor use of it.

Listen to me. Seek to improve a little every day and you will realize that it is not so difficult to do the will of God. What pleases the Most Holy Trinity is to bring all of you to the heavenly goal.

Your life, if lived in purity, will bring you joy, grace, and love. Resist temptations. Be strong and all will appear less complicated for you. I love you and help you in prayer to overcome the many obstacles that would be impossible for you to overcome on your own.

Let us defeat Satan. I am with you precisely to help you to be strong, true victors against all that is evil. I await you before the altar on the day of my feast to bring you blessing and grace.

Mary Immaculate