She Who Loves You

Dear children, you wait anxiously for my messages, you read them, meditate on them, speak about them among yourselves, and then? I ask you this evening, remain in silence so as to assimilate my words and make them your own. Only putting into practice what you hear will you satisfy the will of God. I come to you with joy, because I obey my Beloved Son. It is he who sends me to you. He desires to carry all of you to his Father.

I identify with the will of the Most Holy Trinity, and I want for you the best. I want to find all my children for eternity. Too many of you live poorly, contenting yourselves with the things of the world but not thinking about tomorrow, doubting the Word of God.

Your spirit is in suffering because it remembers its origin, but your flesh seeks satisfaction in the senses believing, in such, to have quenched the thirst that comes from within.

Dear children, you will never find complete satisfaction in the senses. Only the spirit knows and recognizes well all your needs. Prayer is your strength, your salvation, the certitude of living in eternity.

Someone says he believes only in what he sees, but I tell you, if you want to see well, open the eyes of the heart. My Son manifests himself to every one of you, but your resistance hardens more and more each day.

Let yourselves soften up, and let yourselves go completely to his love. As you may not be able to understand, all the difficulties that you are living through are the fruit of your acts of disobedience. Each of you seeks to make for yourself a tailor-made faith, but far from the will of God.

When you understand that that which serves you is and will be the love of God, then you will make that leap of spiritual quality that will fulfill your desire, your living, your true freedom. Do not let yourselves be cheated by easy things. You will attain eternal life only in satisfying the will of God.

Do not frustrate your life with worldliness.

She who loves you