Mary, Joy and Forgiveness

My such beloved children, ask yourselves how a mother can love her own children with all of herself. I know why: only with love will you be able to love, firstly, your own children. I am the most visible sign before the eyes of all of the fruit of true love.

Remember that Love can produce only love. Only Jesus has shown true and unique love. How? By offering Himself – Life.

I tell you, if you do not give your life for Jesus, you will not have understood all the way what love is. Begin to forgive whoever does you harm. Pray for those brethren who do not know, like you, the love of God.

Whoever is not capable of forgiving is not capable of loving.

Jesus has taught you by handing himself over to evildoers. It will also happen to you to have sorrows of this kind. Hatred on your earth is making a massacre of love, above all of the love of God.

I recommend to you, forgive offenses you have received, pray that whoever is capable of hating know the love that comes form forgiveness. My Son has known love because he has known forgiveness. Be aware of all this.

I love you. I have known to forgive those who, by committing the greatest sin, have destroyed all that counts the most in life, Love.

Dear children, during these times, make use of forgiveness on every occasion that comes to you. Think about the love of Jesus, remembering that that death has lead him to the resurrection. I want all of you with Me and the risen Jesus.

Mary, Joy and Forgiveness