Most Holy Virgin Mary

My such beloved children, I will never leave you alone, otherwise the other one would make of you children of Satan. Never draw far from the Church of Christ, because only He is the Son of God.

In this moment, you are surrounded by a thousand churches, but always remember what I tell you often: my Son Jesus had himself crucified for you. No one else has given his life for his own children.

God is One and Three. There is no other God besides the Holy Trinity. I seek to remind you that there does not exist another God outside of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Do not fall into the trapdoors that the false church would place before you.

I am with you and will never leave you for a moment, because I know exactly what Satan would make of my most beloved children. The Church records, in a particular way, the Sacrifice of Christ.

Let the Holy Mass be your boast. Run to feed on the Body of Christ and then not even the devil will have anything he can do against you. Feed often on the Holy Eucharist and I assure you that you will have nothing to fear.

The days that are coming will not be the best, but the one who feeds on the Body of My Son will be protected and will have no unbearable temptation. Seek to live in love and in serenity. Have no fear, because who is like God?

My dear children, you are safe in his hands. Pray and fast. I am near you and no evil will have the victory over you. I bless you. Let the Holy Rosary be your weapon.

Most Holy Virgin Mary