Mary, Your Queen Mother

My dear children, I, your Mother, have risen into heaven with all my angels. I take care of you alongside my Son and I save you from all the evils that are coming before you all the more often.

My children, you know very well that these times in which you are living will be the last on earth and that the evil one is conquering very many souls that are far from God.

You, though, must never fear, because every adversity that comes before you will be mitigated by our presence, alongside each of you.

Do battle with an open and sincere heart. You will have the final victory, the most important one for your eternal salvation. You must not battle to conquer the world, but to turn eternally to the House of your Father, a holy dwelling.

Continue to pray incessantly and not even the devil will be able to win against you. I who am your mother will battle against your enemy until the last of you will have overcome the greatest obstacle, that is, the last temptation.

Seek the truth always. Do not betray the law of God for convenience’s sake or to belong to the stronger ones on earth, because the divine laws will not have losers, but only victors.

Pious souls, continue your path, always obeying only Jesus, the Christ, Son of God.

Give yourselves in joyful abandon to your heavenly parents and you will not be left disappointed. I love you and will console you in every difficult moment that you face. Pray for all your consecrated ones, lest they fail in their vows.

Pray for your unbelieving brethren, helping them, standing near them in difficult moments.

Mary, Your Queen Mother