Mary, Most Pure

I tell you: I am your Mother, the Most Chaste One who wishes to see true chastity even in each of you. Chastity means purity; therefore, I wish, in each of you, purity of body and, above all, in spirit.

Be simple as doves. On your lips, above all, there must not peep forth any lies. It will seem strange to you that I say this, but remember that falsehood is the mother of every sin.

For this reason I repeat to you, be chaste first with your mouth in order to finish in purity of spirit. Your body needs to live in purity, but it also gets the better of your logic. It is the spiritual part that brings the most joy, at times resignation, amidst the vicissitudes of life.

I advise you, be chaste. Obey, above all, the commandments that my Son has suggested for your salvation. I see that when your spirit lives in serenity, even your body enjoys it.

My such beloved children, just as you enjoy your worldly dwellings when they are clean and orderly, so make your spirit rejoice by giving it purity and chastity.

I pray you, take example from me. My body rejoices because my chaste spirit has been able to make a dwelling for the Son of God. Be pure and you will see the glory of God. I suggest to you that, if you have not yet enjoyed spiritual purity, begin today. I will be close to each of you to help you and to enjoy this great virtue. I bless you and protect you from every sin against chastity.

Mary, Most Pure