Mary, Merciful Mother

Do not let life’s difficulties cloud your spiritual side. Jesus teaches you that if you listen to his Word, you will have nothing to fear.

I tell you that, soon, your life will change. Have no fear if someone speaks to you about the end of the world, but remain calm. It will be no end, but it will launch a new era for you. Jesus will return among the living and the dead and your life will have no more end.

Jesus, with Me and our angels, will gladden your life and will change your existence. The terrible times will have their end in order to make room for joy, for happiness, and for the tranquility of the Spirit.

You will be united as never before. Love will crown your decisions and your every desire. I will be with you, the sweetest mother who will give to each child all the good that he needs.

Evil will no longer exist and each of you will rejoice in the good and in mutual love. You will have no more need to backbite your brethren to feel more capable, but you will help your neighbor to improve his life.

My such beloved children, the days to come will wipe out from your minds all the brutalities that this earthly life has given you. Death will no longer be the most undesirable event of your existence.

Pray that Jesus come soon among you. The good will be rewarded and will be able to enjoy eternal joy. Pray that each of you be able to ask forgiveness from the bottom of your heart for all your wicked actions.

I bless you, I protect you, and I will defend you from every calamity.

Mary, Merciful Mother