Mary, Most Holy Mother of Joy

My dearest children, today is a time of joy for you as well, the memorial of my birth, but I tell you: I wish you, each of you, my children, eternal rest! I already see your faces darkening, because you are used to reciting this prayer for your dearly departed.

No, dear children, I am not wishing you death but life, true life, that where joy makes itself master.

My such beloved children, you yourselves desire rest. I see in each of you such tiredness. You wish yourselves at each moment well-earned rest, so I am wishing you that joyful rest, full of all the beautiful things and goodness that life, true life, can offer you.

My such beloved children, the time of your joy is drawing near. Pray that the Father might send to you the Son and Me, and thus begin a life totally filled with joy. You see how the times in which you are living are becoming more difficult and sorrowful for all of you, young and less young.

Pray, I tell you, in such a way that your Father who is in heaven shorten these terrible times and finally give you joy, happiness, tranquility, goodness, and all that can make you savor true love.

You can be glad in joy only when peace reigns among you. Then, you can say: Today, finally, I taste true joy, that joy that, until now, Satan has negated.

Dear children, I love you. Just a little while longer and then true joy will come to you. I bless you. Help me with your prayers and your sacrifices to regain many of many children. Let love and joy be always with you.

Mary, Most Holy Mother of Joy