Sorrowful Mary

My such beloved children, with your prayers you are drying my tears. Never before, in these times after the death of my Son on the cross, have I shed so many tears. Your brethren are losing their head because the temptations of Satan are carrying them far from every good.

They do not understand that what appears to them as beautiful and good is diabolical and will lead them, very soon, to hell. Pray for these children of mine who are losing their head for the things of the world. It could be too late on the day in which they will render an account for having done everything wrong.

Dear children, the times in which you are living will put an end to such evil and you, finally, my children of peace, you will be able to proclaim the truth of the Gospel.

Pray, bear witness with your good actions that, even in the suffering that the world offers, one can find joy, that joy that can come only from heaven.

My Son suffers a new Cross and I, his Mother, weep at seeing all that you are living through. Only prayer and the mercy of God can give flavor to your insipid and bitter days.

Let the Eucharist be your strength. Feed every day on the Body of Jesus and you will have no reason for suffering, doubts, bitterness, and adversity. Jesus will lighten your spiritual and bodily suffering.

Offer, instead, your sufferings for these brethren of yours who otherwise will head into the depths of hell. Pray and praise God, the Good and Faithful Master.

I bless you and protect you. Dedicate your time to prayer and you will draw benefits and graces for you and your families.

Sorrowful Mary