Mary, Help of Christians

My dearest children, do you believe in your invocation, “Maranathà, come, Lord Jesus?” Then pray it more often and with more conviction.

You know well that these last times are more unique than rare. Beginning from the change of weather and of temperature, there is no longer a seasonal climate: rain or waiting [for rain], or flooding brings unending destruction.

And you, my dearest children, it is as if all of this does not come close enough to touch you. I suggest that you pray to God, recommending Him to act with his Holy Spirit and to heal all that you have made ill, beginning with the climate and ending with what nourishes you.

None of your countryside grows in the light of God. Your farmers turn to the skies to see if rain is lacking or presents itself with too much abundance.

Think, now, about being able to obtain what you need, deciding only with your intelligence. My dear children, you can never take the place of God. Pray to Him, instead, to forgive your aridity of heart.

Only if you turn to Him with humility can you take up anew your serene and happy life, full of every good from God. Ask forgiveness from the bottom of your heart. Offer him your sufferings. Take up again, at least on Sunday, receiving Jesus in your heart.

You only have a little time left, but I pray you, ask forgiveness for your many sins. On your own you can do nothing. With the help of God, you can still recover from your many mistakes.

Like a Mother, I must hurry you up. The times are truly drawing to completion.

Mary, Help of Christians