Mary, Mother of Tenderness

My dearest children, I come to you surrounded by my angels and archangels. Pray to them today in a particular way so that they be able to intercede for you before God.

Pray often, even at night, with hands joined. Pray for all those who risk going through the flames eternally into the fire of hell.

My such dear children, on your planet today one thinks only about what is unnecessary, never thinking about the eternity that will never pass away! You, my children, bear witness to Jesus with the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Jesus is made man like you in order to bear witness that God is the Absolute Lord of all things. Speak, dear children, of the times that will soon change and you will no longer be able to turn back.

Your good works will be the surest pass into your infinite life. I recommend to you my weakest children; not knowing the love that God has for them, they will be lost for eternity.

Encourage those who feel last and useless. Tell them that for me and for Jesus you have all a great importance. Do not forget that Jesus has given his life with his death on a Cross. This must make you reflect much.

I intercede perennially for you. I am sad for my children who are being lost. Do not waste your freedom. Soon, these times will be over. I hope that each of you merit the prize of eternal life.

Offer prayers and sacrifices and then you will see and enjoy the glory of God. I bless you, I love you, and I want all of you with Me. Peace to you and to your families.

Mary, Mother of Tenderness