Jesus Christ, He Who Will Return

May the Holy Spirit descend upon you and your families.

You do not remain orphans; the Father would never have allowed it. My disciples had me with them, but you, my dear children, you have the Spirit that illumines your minds. It is important that you account for such a grace.

You seem like so many automatons who wander without a goal only because you do not see with me your eyes. But if you leave your spirit free, you will realize that you are not alone.

Seek me, speak with me, and listen to me. I speak to each of you without distinction. I do not play favorites, since that moment in which I offered my life for each of you. You cost me life and I cannot let any of you be damned.

I adjure you, only if you know how to open your hearts will you allow me to enter. You can never obtain the maximum far from my presence and my graces. The demon deceives you with thousands of his tricks, but right after he takes away from you every illusion, leaving you in solitude and darkness, without any more hope.

Only I know how to give you that which you need. Only I know your desires and that which is best for you. Be humble, recognize yourselves as needful of my graces and my love for you. You are losing so much, too much time chasing after material things without accounting anymore of that which you are losing. Your earth moans like a woman in labor pains, but soon justice will make way and then you will be ready to regain that which you have lost.

Justice will triumph, love will reign, and my Mother will finally crush the head of the ancient serpent. My Second Coming will see her as victor. Her Immaculate Heart will be triumph – grace – consolation.

I bless you dear children. Be ready, because I will come when you least expect it.

Jesus Christ, He Who Will Return