Jesus, Priest Forever

I pray you, my dear children, pray in this Marian cenacle for all my consecrated. They have in their hands many souls in confusion and must clarify, to these children of mine, what is truly the “Word of God.”

The Gospel speaks clearly: one cannot serve two masters. Either they listen to one and leave the other, or they love one and disobey the other. There are not two measures. This is the time for clarity. For what is clear and truthful you have only my Word. One cannot “correct” that which issues from the mouth of God.

I am with you, my little disciples, my dear followers. Be always truthful in speaking. All will appear more clearly, your eyes will open and that which you hear will be of help, of guidance, of comfort for each and for all.

I, your God, have called you friends and true friends share the goods entrusted to them. I love you; in love, all is more clear. Be attentive. Do not say, “this is the Word of God” when it is born from your heart. Do not say, “one may do this” when the Commandments affirm the exact opposite. Do not say, “This is ancient and this other thing is modern,” because the Word of God is One and is not open to debate.

I desire that you entrust yourselves to Mary, and under her teaching, pray seriously for your priests. Offer the Holy Eucharist so that my Church assume again, as soon as possible, resemblance to Me.

I am the Good Shepherd, I love my sheep and I know them. I will not let the wolf carry them away. Your priests, now more than ever, need your help. Do not criticize, but love my consecrated ones and you will be safe.

Offer and suffer, because these are times of clarification, an announcement of peace. Pray, dear children, for your own good. You need attentive pastors, true leaders, guides to green pastures, true followers of Christ.

My blessing be always a sign of love, of peace, of union

Jesus, Priest Forever

The Child Jesus, Son of God

“I greet you, Mary. Greet Jesus for me.”

Dear children, these few words are enough for that your Mother obtain from her Child all the graces you need. I ask you today, before that cradle where the angels praise Jesus, pray with words that are simple but that come from the depth of your heart.

My children, I am there, in truer and more fertile poverty and humility. Make yourselves small, praise and adore that Jesus, Son of God, who with an infinite love deigned to come in your midst.

Humility is that gift that makes each heart great. Pride will never bring you to fulfilling my works, and your life will slide each day into more total sterility.

The magi have offered me their gifts, but I have come to you to fill your hearts, to give you every sort of grace that can enrich your pilgrimage on the earth. Pray and make others pray. Prayer is the gift that pleases Me the most.

Carry about, in this world corrupted by sin, my Word, which is Way, Truth, and Life. Only my love can save you, only my grace will lighten your load and enable you to carry the daily cross in the light and certainty that your Jesus is walking with you.

May my coming among you be for you a hope for meriting eternal life. Remember that one does not live on bread alone, but on every word that issues from my mouth.

Feed yourselves on my Word and on my Body and Blood, and you will have nothing to fear. The clouds that are on the horizon will pass without leaving a trace on my most obedient children.

In the Light of that poor cradle, I bless you.

The Child Jesus, Son of God

Jesus Made Man

My daughter, today we speak of forgiveness. You are waiting for me in a way that is hardly Christian, and you no longer share my birth as a gift of salvation. It is from that poor manger that the Son of God has chosen to come among you.

You do not yet understand the sacrifice, the sorrow, the resignation that must reign in your hearts.

I have given you example not with useless words, but I am born poor among the poor so as to share with all of you that by which one lives in the world and for the world. You cannot accuse me of anything. All that you are facing I have lived in my skin, firsthand.

My children are all good, this is a thing that you must recognize very well. All of you are born from the love of God, all of you are inheritors in the same way.

What I want you to understand today is precisely this: there do not exist wicked children, but there exist persons who have suffered more than others, or who are weaker in temptation.

Therefore, I tell you: keep these brethren before the eyes of your heart. If they kill, it is because they themselves have been killed in the spirit. They suffer so much in this way from not being able to forgive those who have caused them such sorrow. From the moment in which one does not succeed in pardoning offenses, satan takes possession of your soul, making you his prisoners.

I pray you, my dear children, pray for your brethren who, having experienced death in the spirit, cause physical death to those like them.

I beseech you: forgive, forgive, forgive, if you want to be forgiven and gain eternal life. Forgiveness brings peace to the heart and drives away the wars that lead to destruction among the peoples.

Listen to my words if you want to be worthy of approaching that crib containing the Child Jesus, Savior of the world.

I bless you. Do thus the same, wishing each other peace.

Jesus Made Man

God, your only Lord

I am the Lord your God, you shall not have any other god besides Me.

Thus it is, my daughter, even in this moment the gods are at the center of attention for too many of my children. My Church is in confusion. There no longer exists laws to respect and each seeks his own profit.

Dear children, only I am your God, He who has made heaven and earth. Man cannot reach true peace if he seeks it outside of Me. There are the commandments left to Moses, which are always current. There never go out of style like your insignificant human laws.

I Am your God. There is no money that can make you rich like my love for you, and there is no power that can give you all, that is, materially, to make you feel better.

I Am your God. Turn again to respecting my laws and I will give you what you need. You are no longer happy. You no longer smile. That feeling you call love, and which in appearance satisfies you, is only a base human passion. I counsel you to find again humility, which opens every door.

My dear children, be more humble. Do not ever say, “I am,”, “I have,” “I can.” You do not even know how and when to figure out recognizing the day and the hour in which you will leave behind all that you have set aside.

Do not worry about tomorrow, but seek to love me, respect me, and adore me “today,” so that I can give you what you ask of me.

I Am the Only God, you do not have others: too many “religions,” too many “creeds,” too many “laws” that are not mine, but that you respect more.

Dear children, remember: there is only one commandment, that of Love. You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind, all of yourself. Love and adore, therefore, your Only God. Be certain that He who has made heaven and earth is the Only Master and Lord. There are no others.

I, your Only God, bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

God, your only Lord


In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Children, my children, my Jesus loves you and still suffers for you, for your sins. Your offenses are many.

Love my Jesus, my Only-Begotten Son. He knows your hearts, but you, my children, open them and He will fill them with the Holy Spirit. His love is great, listen to his words. He is your Father. He knows all your bodily and spiritual needs.

My children, I am your Mother. I hold you against my Heart. I love you and ask you with all my Heart: be pure, listen to your hearts. It is I who speak to you through your little hearts. My adored children, look up to heaven – I am there. Only I always wait for you, but you are not good. I always protect you from all dangers, I am always with you. Listen to your hearts because it is from the heart that is born the love of Jesus your Father.

My dear little children, how little you are, defenseless. He spins around you: Attention! Attention! Attention!

I bless you always in every moment of the day, of the night, of time.

You have such need of Our help. Always remember, only Our help will be able to save you from the shadows. The Light, children, the Light be with you and help you always. I am with you. I am the Immaculate, the Immaculate Conception. Only I protect you from him. He lays snares for you, he circles about you, he always seeks you more, and you, my children, do not listen to his words. They are of death.

I bless you always in the Holy Spirit. Entrust your hearts to my Immaculate Heart, which is salvation. Your souls are the flowers of my garden. Do not let them wither or fade. You are my most beautiful flowers. You are my most beautiful flowers.

I love you so much, you are my life. I pray you, do not offend my Jesus. He suffers immensely on that Cross. It is He who radiates Light for all of you who are in the shadows. Now the evil one will be defeated forever.

My Jesus be with all of you. Love him much with that pure love. It is true, his Love will heal you. My children, I promise you that I am your Mother; have great trust. I love all of you. I protect you. I am close to you in temptation. Do not let the evil one take you.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, the Life. With Him, with his Holy Spirit, you will always be safe. Fill yourselves with his Holy Spirit, who is Life. He is there only for you. He needs you in order to fill your minds, your hearts, your life with his Holy Spirit.

It is He who now blesses all of you on earth, sinners, but greatly, greatly, greatly loved. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, in his Son, it is his Son who is your Father and he loves you, he loves all of you. Amen. Amen. Be more attentive to His words and Mine.